Why Choose Native Plants?


South-western Alberta is a harsh environment for any plant. Chinook winds can cause non-native plants to "wake-up" which can cause these poor plants to get frost damaged when then weather inevitably goes below zero again. Native plant species evolved in our local climate and are well adapted to our remarkably varied and unpredictable weather. The future climate of the Northern Plains is one where drought will become more common.

Traditional water and fertilizer intensive gardens that we are accustomed to may no longer be practical or even possible.

Native plants offer a solution.

Southern Alberta's native plants are already adapted to long periods of drought stress and will survive happily in your backyard! 



 We are currently working on building our nursery stock and growing seedlings. 

              Winter 2017/18 Update: Right now our plants are dormant, please contact us in the spring for an update on our stock! 

Services available:

-Propagule collection (Seed and Cuttings)

-Riparian restoration/streambank stabilization plantings using dormant willow stakes. Please note this service is only available during the dormancy period (Early fall- Early Spring). We can also harvest dormant willow stakes for your planting projects

-Custom propagation

-Environmental consulting, Rob is a Biologist-In-Training with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and is available for short term (1-2 Weeks) contracts



The Livingstone Mountain Range west of Highway 22, near the intersection of Highway 3.  Much of our current seed stock comes from this area.